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DreamBox: Applying Technology Horsepower to Education

I continue to marvel at the power of the Web and the way it has completely transformed how we transact business and conduct our lives. We connect and communicate, we buy and we use content (books, music, movies, information, etc.) in completely new ways. In that brief second after you click the mouse, just consider how personalized and targeted the response is to your purchase on Amazon, music selection on iTunes, flight scheduling on Expedia, restaurant reviews on Yelp, friend connections on Facebook, and searches on Google.

Harness the power of the internet for math learning and education

This is only made possible through the intelligent, rapid, and sophisticated technologies that energize these leading websites and their related services. So it amazes me that none of this transformative horsepower has been used in any meaningful way to educate children. Instead, we largely teach students the same way we have for a century, with large classes, lectures, and textbooks. And our use of technology in schools is reserved for improved whiteboards, automated practice, or distance learning. DreamBox Learning aims to change this: we are building a new software platform for education so that children can enjoy an individually-tailored, world class learning experience over the Web both at home and in school.

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