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DreamBox Debuts New Professional Learning Solution that’s Driven by Student Data

Now Educators Can Access Relevant, Just-in-Time Content Right from within DreamBox.

Last Thursday, DreamBox offered customers and friends a sneak peek at our brand new professional development (PD) solution, MyFlexPD™, the on demand component of DreamBox Learning FlexPD™. If you missed the live 30-minute webcast, you can view the recorded session and demo on demand here.

DreamBox director of PD Thera Pearce and senior curriculum designer Kelly Urlacher unveiled a transformative approach to professional learning that finally delivers on the promise of PD. As former teachers and adult learners themselves, Thera and Kelly know all too well where most current PD solutions fall short. Constrained by a lack of time, resources, and access to relevant content, they too once struggled to get the professional learning they needed to improve outcomes for their students. And, they’re not alone.

According to a recent study funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, $18 billion is spent annually on PD for teachers. Sadly, the general consensus is that it’s not working. Only 29 percent of those surveyed are highly satisfied with current PD offerings. Why? More often than not, teachers say that PD is “not relevant, not effective, and not connected to their core work of helping students learn.”

Now there’s a better way: Introducing MyFlexPD

MyFlexPD is a self-paced, professional learning solution that uses real-time student data to deliver PD that is relevant to what students are learning in DreamBox. And, now, DreamBox users who purchased MyFlexPD as part of their suite of professional development offering will see a new PD icon on their Insight Dashboard. This icon provides instant access to professional learning that’s relevant and immediately actionable. In the demo, Thera walks webinar attendees through three classroom scenarios that demonstrate the power of MyFlexPD to help teachers:

  • Plan for daily classroom instruction
  • Differentiate instruction for an individual student that’s struggling
  • Target instruction to a small group of students

Clicking on the PD icon takes you directly to professional learning content that includes an overview of strategy, math terms, links to play a sample lesson, short videos that demonstrate strategy, sample lesson plans, teacher tools, and more. Now, in a matter of minutes, teachers can quickly access everything they need—all in one place.

We know from the Gates study cited above that when teachers have the opportunity to access professional learning that they choose (and can immediately use in their classroom), the impact on students is that much greater. MyFlexPD empowers teachers to access the valuable content they need, when they need it, and immediately apply what they learn to inform their classroom practice and improve student outcomes.

To learn more about how you can use MyFlexPD to deepen math understanding and address specific classroom challenges in your school or district, watch the 30-minute recorded session now.

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