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DreamBox Engagement is a Rewarding Experience for Randolph Lower School

In their submission video for our Customer Story iPad™ contest, the students of the Randolph Lower School in Huntsville, Alabama were the stars of the show—and they had great things to say about DreamBox Learning.

iPad winning Randolph Lower is a K–4 division of the prestigious Randolph independent private school, known for its high standards. Its students are the future movers and shakers of the Huntsville community and nearby NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. Most students will go on to attend Auburn University, the University of Alabama, or Vanderbilt University.

Learning can be fun

The one word that was echoed by each student who appeared in the video was “fun.” It’s important for young children to enjoy learning to foster a lifelong love of discovery. As one student said, “I like DreamBox because I like math… and because it’s fun.” Too often, students are turned off by math because of the repetitive nature of traditional practice. With DreamBox, that doesn’t happen.

Characters engage the students

According to the kids, learning is an adventure with DreamBox. As one student explained, there are characters like pixies, pirates, pet friends, and dinosaurs to help on a learning quest. The students think they are playing a game, and they are, but they also realize they are improving their math skills at the same time. “[The games] are really fun and they make my brain learn more and more,” said one little girl.

Getting smarter is important


A cool touch in the video is the addition of written testimonials from some of the students. One student writes, “I am truly thankful for DreamBox because it helps you learn and it is fun to learn math facts. We get smarter than we are.” They realize they are getting better in math in a way that feels natural and easy. They want to continue the adventure with their character friends.

DreamBox’s versatility makes a difference, too. The program is used extensively in the home—primarily by student request—so they can keep making progress. “Even when I’m at home, I’m playing DreamBox and my mom says ‘good job’ because I’m getting really good at it,” one girl was proud to report.

The young students at Randolph Lower School are learning not only that math can be fun, but that it can be fun to learn and achieve new goals—thanks to DreamBox.

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