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DreamBox Insight Dashboard

Top reports for setting goals and celebrating students as you prepare to go back to school

At DreamBox, we understand that students and educators are more than test scores. Our adaptive technology provides a source of data that we hope you can use to encourage this belief within yourselves and your students.

We recognize the past year was difficult for educators and students. So, we encourage you to start fresh this school year. As you gear up for back to school with your students, familiarize yourself with the reporting capabilities in the DreamBox Insight Dashboard. Use these reports to foster meaningful conversations around setting goals, celebrating achievements and developing a growth mindset with your students. The dashboard can show how your students have grown, what standards they’ve achieved proficiency in and areas of growth that remain.

Standards report: Use the Standards report to see your students’ overview, their grade levels, and their corresponding standards proficiency. Select individual students to dig deeper to see which domains and standards they’re proficient in, which they’re currently working on and which they haven’t started. You can use this report to identify students’ areas of strength, as well as any remaining learning-gaps.

EXPERT TIP: Use the navigation filters at the top of the dashboard to drill down to view a specific classroom, and the standards report will appear. To find an individual student’s data, use the filters to choose the student, then select the Student Standards report.

Celebrate students: Make sure your students know their strengths and celebrate them. Use positivity and a growth mindset to prepare students for content they may encounter on the assessment at which they’ll excel or that might cause them to struggle.

Goal-setting strategies: Discuss strategies students can use to get through any difficult questions or problems. Make sure they know that standards they haven’t mastered are jumping-off points to identify goals they need to work toward in the future.

Long-term math growth: Use the DreamBox Proficiency by Grade Level report to get an overview of how far your students have come and how much they’ve achieved since the beginning of the year. This report shows you each student’s proficiency by grade level. Use the report as another tool to guide conversations with students, setting expectations and goals and celebrating their achievements.

EXPERT TIP: Go to the Reports tab and select the DreamBox Proficiency by Grade Level report

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This is the first article in our back-to-school blog series spotlighting ways that DreamBox Learning is supporting teachers and students this Back-to-School 2021. 

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