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DreamBox for iPad® app for version 2+ and iPad mini — It’s almost here!


As Jessie Woolley-Wilson, President and CEO of DreamBox Learning stated in a recent interview, “We’re witnessing a platform shift in education. There are now 8 million iPads within the global education sector and the adoption rate of tablets in schools across the U.S. continues to soar. The arrival of the DreamBox for iPad app will put the market leading pre-kindergarten through Grade 5 adaptive learning math program in the hands of those millions of learners.” In response to high demand from teachers, administrators, and parents across the US and Canada, the proven DreamBox experience will soon be available for iPads version 2+ and iPad mini.

iPad use grows and so do scores.

Despite school budget cuts, officials are spending more money on educational technology than ever before. As for iPads, since their release in April of 2010, they have proliferated in classroom in the U.S., and in many schools and districts are replacing traditional textbooks.  In an investor call on July 25, 2013, Apple CEO Tim Cook said “Education tends to be a conservative institution, but we’re not seeing that at all on the iPad.” He went on to explain that, “The adoption of the iPad in education is something I’ve never seen in any technology.” Apple was awarded a $30 million commitment for iPads in the first phase of a larger roll out for the country’s second-largest public school district in Los Angeles county.

So, are iPads really improving learning? They have been shown to improve kindergarten literary scores, and when it comes to math, students using iPads saw their math test scores increase 20% in one year compared to students using traditional textbooks. 

The DreamBox for iPad experience is deeply personal.

“DreamBox has always provided a one-to-one, deeply personalized experience,” comments Dr. Tim Hudson, Senior Director of Curriculum Design for DreamBox Learning, “that puts the student in control of their own learning and truly makes math fun. With the new iPad app, kids will get into an even cooler, more engaging experience. Easy to download and implement.

The new DreamBox iPad App for version 2+ and iPad mini supports one-to-one deployment, BYOD (bring your own device) iPads, and shared iPads. Fully optimized for the iPad platform, the app has a similar user and login experience to the desktop/laptop version and student progress is synced across devices.

Access with an existing DreamBox School Subscription will be easy by simply downloading the app from iTunes or the app store and then using your DreamBox School code ., New customers will onboard with their new DreamBox license then download the app and utilize the school code given. 

On iTunes? Search for DreamBox Math and you’ll see our awesome new iPad app icon:

Reporting that’s current, understandable, and actionable.

Robust DreamBox reporting will be available for student iPad progress with the reports being accessible through your browser.

Learn more at the new DreamBox for iPad app or download directly from the iTunes store:

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