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DreamBox Learning Math is now ERAC evaluated and approved!

DreamBox Learning® Math provide students with the foundation for deep, fundamental mathematical understanding in Canada, and  our curriculum reports are aligned to show student progress toward the Western and Northern Canadian Protocol (WNCP) in these strands: Number, Patterns and Relations, and Shape and Space.

Now, DreamBox Learning Math has been evaluated and approved by the Educational Resource Acquisition Consortium (ERAC), a cooperative member-based organization that works in partnership with British Columbia and the Yukon public school districts and independent schools. 

ERAC provides leadership in the areas of new technology like DreamBox and new media and their potential roles in education. ERAC provides its members  with research-based trends, deep information such as white papers, articles, videos and presentations, and encourages knowledge sharing and experience within the membership. Services include evaluation, licensing, and acquisition of print, software, and digital learning resources. The results are documented and shared in their online database.

Are you an ERAC member? Take a look at ERAC’s positive DreamBox evaluation.

Click here to see an example of DreamBox Proficiency Reports for WNCP.

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