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DreamBox Learning Now Aligns to All State Standards

DreamBox Learning Math Now Aligns to All State Standards!

Continuing our commitment to all educators, DreamBox Learning Math now aligns to all state standards for all existing lessons. This work builds upon our existing alignment support for CCSS and many state standards to provide alignments that support all states. Educators in each and every state are able to track student progress aligned to their specific standards and assign lessons by simply selecting the standard their students are studying.

For educators in the states with recently added support, student proficiency data aligned to the specific state standards is immediately available. Additionally, counts of weekly and monthly standards completed is available going forward for the newly added standards.

DreamBox is also committed to updating alignments as we add new content. If you’d like to share any thoughts or comments, please join the discussion on DreamBox Nation. We’re thankful for the opportunity to help support you in our shared mission of providing the best possible education for your students.

For more information and to learn how to leverage these new alignments, please see the support documentation

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