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DreamBox Learning Wraps up the Gift Giving Guide with a Gift for the Whole Family

Sampa: A thoughtful, heart-warming gift for the family

Since the best gifts come from the heart, we’re wrapping up our holiday gift guide with Sampa. Using Sampa, families can create their own private webpage for free. Ok, so Sampa isn’t exactly educational (unless you’re tech phobic). But DreamBox Learning believes the heart is every bit as important as the brain, which is why we picked Sampa for a coveted spot in our countdown.

Top Educational Toys for the Holidays


Candid snapshots of important milestones, carefully crafted letters, and thoughtful tidings scribbled on holiday cards. With Sampa, you can create a private space on the web, sharing all these photos and memories with distant family members.

Sampa users choose between a personal website, baby website, or family website. What sets Sampa apart from other blog platforms? You can share your page with anyone on the web or keep it private. Sampa offers other fun features: a place to create a family tree, a photo album with easy photo uploading, a guestbook, and more. Overall, a Sampa site makes a sentimental treasure for parents, spouses, or a cyber time capsule for children as they grow.

Sampa Benefits:

  • Allows easy photo upload
  • Includes a number of fun designs
  • Choose between a private or shared webpage

Make a free family website with Sampa

Disclaimer: DreamBox is in no way affiliated with this product and recommends it solely on its merits.

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