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DreamBox Learning’s Top Educational Toys for the Holidays

Top Educational ToysIt probably goes without saying that the people at DreamBox like to give educational gifts to enrich a child’s mind! Education is the gift that keeps on giving, long after the season ends. Dreambox Learning’s holiday gift-giving guide makes shopping for educational toys a no-brainer! We consulted parents, children, and educators to find the top educational toys that make learning fun. And rest assured, not only are these toys educational, they’re fun to play with too. We’ll review a few educational toys a week, so check back soon for the next award-winning toy.

Blokus Classic: Fun Learning Game, Lots of Learning Benefits

Top educational toys for the holidays

Top educational toys for the holidays

Blokus Classic

If you’re going to get your kids (ages 7 or older) a game for the holidays, give them Blokus. Blokus helps develop strategic skills and logic, plus it’s fun to play (even for parents). Blokus starts with a simple premise: each player has to fit as many of their pieces on the board as possible. Kids use logic and strategy as they try to “block” their opponents from expanding territory. When one player gets all their pieces on the board, the game ends. DreamBox Learning isn’t the only one that gives Blokus a stamp of approval; Blokus won the Mensa “Best Mind Game” award in 2003!

Learning benefits:

  • Promotes healthy brain activity
  • Teaches strategic thinking
  • Improves logic
  • Develops tactile skills

Ages: 7 and up

Learn more about Blokus here:

Disclaimer: DreamBox is in no way affiliated with this product and recommends it solely on its educational merits.

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