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DreamBox Learning's Top Educational Toys for the Holidays, No. 3

DreamBox Learning’s holiday gift-giving guide makes shopping for educational toys a no-brainer! We’re excited to bring you the third educational toy in our countdown. Read on and find out why we chose the Melissa and Doug Underwater Puzzle as a top learning toy for this holiday season.

Melissa and Doug Underwater Puzzle: A Challenging 48- Piece Jigsaw Puzzle for Ages 3-5

Melissa and Doug Underwater Puzzle

Melissa and Doug Underwater Puzzle

Melissa and Doug Underwater Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles have enormous educational benefits – most notably, they develop logical thought, problem solving skills, and spatial awareness in a fun environment. With a vibrant illustration of sea life, this cardboard jigsaw puzzle visually appeals to most kids. Children learn dexterity, problem solving, and matching skills as they put the 48-piece floor puzzle together. When the child places the final piece in the puzzle, they gain an amazing sense of accomplishment. And no batteries necessary!

Fun Learning benefits:

  • Develops dexterity
  • Encourages problem solving
  • Fosters independent thinking
  • Improves spatial awareness

Ages: 3 – 5

Learn more about the Melissa and Doug Underwater Puzzle.

Disclaimer: DreamBox is in no way affiliated with this product and recommends it solely on its educational merits.

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