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DreamBox Learning’s Top Educational Toys for the Holidays, No. 6

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My First Discovery Box: Full of Engaging Activities for Ages 2 and up

Discovery boxes make excellent first learning toys for toddlers. They teach children motor skills and stimulate tactile senses with colored beads and dials. Read on and find out why we picked the My First Discovery Box for number 6 in our educational toys countdown.

Top Educational Toys for the Holidays

My First Discovery Box

The My First Discovery Box features five sides of fun learning activities. This discovery box is compact, eco-friendly, and absolutely adorable. And what child could resist that funny fish face?

This little box is full of educational benefits. One side has an abacus with four rows of colored beads that help tots learn to count. The rainbow clock introduces kids to new color combinations. And those googly fish eyes actually help improve motor skills as kids turn the dial to make the eyes roll.

Learning benefits:

  • Kids learn colors and counting
  • Improves motor skills
  • Stimulates tactile senses
  • Teaches cause and effect

Ages: 2 and up

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Disclaimer: DreamBox is in no way affiliated with this product and recommends it solely on its educational merits.

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