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DreamBox Math for iPad® app arrives for early release in Alvin, Texas


Amy Bolting Head of iPad Program Fifth Grade Teacher Alvin ISD Alvin, Texas

Amy Bolting, 5th grade teacher and head of the iPad program at Alvin Elementary at Alvin Independent School District in Alvin, Texas, says, Whenever my students have some free class time, they pick up DreamBox on their iPads and do a lesson.  We use DreamBox as a warm-up before math instruction, too. That’s definitely going to add up to a whole lot of new math learning by the end of the year!”

Easy implementation and even easier transition

The transition to the new app according to Amy was “super smooth.  I sent out the codes, and because the kids were very familiar with the desktop login, they had no problems at all.” Theincreased control, interactivity, and convenience have made the transition to the DreamBox for iPad app a success – one that is sure to boost learning achievement.

For the 2013-2014 school year, every fifth grader will have an iPad to use in Amy’s Title 1 school. With over 400 iPads on campus, “The portability and cost savings are great, but the main thing is that kids love using iPads, and they love DreamBox, so it adds up to a terrific learning experience.”

She notes, “Kids actually ask to use iPads during free time, and right now they average about an hour and fifteen minutes per week total DreamBox usage in class.”

“Gap filler”

One of the greatest values of DreamBox on any platform, according to Amy is that, “DreamBox is a true ‘gap filler.’ We have to keep moving forward in our classes, but there are just instances when kids have missed something along the way – either through an absence, or just not ‘getting it.’ With DreamBox, I can have the 5th grade students that don’t understand place value review and understand at their own pace.” As for intervention, Amy explains, “We have intervention lab time in the middle of day, in addition to classwork—we can’t wait to see the progress results this year.”

Variety is the spice of math

Amy believes that a major plus, and one of the most amazing things about the way DreamBox helps kids to understand math, is that, “It just keeps coming at concepts in a different way – the variation and creativity seem endless. As much as we teachers would like to, with large classes, it’s hard to explore all the different variations and find the exact way that helps kids get to real understanding of a concept.” She adds that DreamBox “serves up the concepts in a way that works for each child. For example, the decimal program just offers a variety of ways that I just can’t get to—and maybe couldn’t have time to think of!”

Why it just makes (number) sense

Amy sees the huge impact on knowledge of number sense, which is such a key to comprehension and later math learning. It takes away the struggle for student and teacher. “The kids like to ‘play’ it, so it just makes it feel like fun.” That makes it easier for all the teachers at Alvin, but Amy stresses, “In a classroom we have only a limited amount of one to one time with 23 – 25 kids, so when DreamBox comes in with such a clear way to build basic number sense, with number lines, 10s unit, 100s chart, and so much more, it makes it easy for every child to work at their own level. And it means we can keep moving forward individually and as a class. Now with the iPad App, it can happen even faster.”

To sum up the experience, she says that all in all, it’s “Fabulous!  I’m thrilled that DreamBox is now on the iPad. My kids and I think it makes DreamBox even better!”

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