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DreamBox Nation Teacher Appreciation Award

Capping Teacher Appreciation Month with special award nominations

We’re topping off Teacher Appreciation Month with the extra sweet icing of a just for fun conferment. The DreamBox Nation Challenge went out, asking you all to nominate an educator for the very first DreamBox Teacher Appreciation Award. And you did!

A whole bunch of you wrote nominations for an educator you think has gone above and beyond, and deserves to be recognized for their hard work and dedication. What a lot of great teachers out there! It took some doing, but we’ve got a winner

Drum roll…

And the award goes to…

Tywanna Jones!

School: Ed Willkie Middle School

Grade: 6th grade

District: Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD

Nominated by: Holly Willis

Hats off to her kind praise of Tywanna:

“Mrs. Jones is a fantastic math educator! She is the epitome of what I would want for a math teacher if I had children. She has high expectations and pushes students to their highest potential every single day. She doesn’t accept mediocrity, and when students talk down on themselves for being “bad at math”, she encourages them by reminding them of all the things they have already learned this year. She creates learning experiences each and every day. While she is tough, the students know that she loves them and only wants what is best for them. The students respect her, and many will say that she’s their favorite teacher. She is not a user of DreamBox, but she supports me in my usage of it for our shared students. When our shared students excel in something, she comes to celebrate with me, knowing that it was a joint effort.

Mrs. Jones is an integral part of our math team. She has a love of learning and a love of math, and that passion shows in our department meetings. She is always willing to share information, strategies, and newly learned ideas. She holds herself to the highest of standards, and always does her very best to meet those standards. She builds relationships with students where they WANT to come into tutoring; her classroom is filled each morning with students working. She mentors young teachers, both math and other subjects. She is here early each morning and late each afternoon planning rigorous and engaging lessons, but the math thinking doesn’t end when she leaves school; many days I get a phone call at night with her telling me an idea she has for her classes or to tell me how they performed on a District assessment. Mrs. Jones also coaches one of our UIL (academic meet) subjects; her team members always place in the top 5, often sweeping the top 3. She is always wanting to be better at her craft, and that in and of itself is why she is so deserving of any and all recognition.”

Hooray for you, Mrs. Jones!

You will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card and a special certificate from DreamBox!

In the immortal the words of Dr. Seuss:

Today you are YOU

That is truer than true.

There is no one alive

Who is Youer than You!

Unless someone like you

cares a whole awful lot,

nothing is going to get better,

it’s not.

Mrs. Jones – thanks to you and countless other dedicated educators, who do care a whole awful lot, many things are better in the inspired minds of students everywhere.

And DreamBox salutes you all!

Mrs. Jones, 6th Grade Math Teacher
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