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DreamBox Ranks Our Top Eight Education Blogs

In the seemingly infinite blogosphere it can be a huge investment of time to figure out which education blogs are most worth reading. Luckily, DreamBox has done the work for you, reading many education blogs on the internet to tell you about some of the very best.

When we created this blog round-up, we looked for the education heavy hitters. We defined this as blogs that offered a thoughtful, incisive look at education today, from a variety of angles. We looked for blogs that posted frequently, had a popular following, and genuinely contributed provocative food for thought to the education discussion.

We also strove to create a snapshot across the breadth of education today, so below you’ll find perspectives from teachers, academics, and parents. They’re an opinionated bunch and we don’t always agree with them, but together, these blogs represent the lively heart of education commentary on the web.

But while we don’t endorse the individual viewpoints of these bloggers, we do commend the hard work and heartfelt passion they’ve put in to creating an active online voice for the subject most dear to us: education. So without further ado…

A Directory of the Best Educational Blogs!

  1. The School of Blog. A crowd-favorite among education bloggers, The School of Blog is a fun look at everything educational under the sun. From Jib Jab cards, Onion articles, and YouTube videos, with a healthy dose of humor, a fearless use of multimedia, and a nice relief from endless prose, School of Blog adds much-needed levity to the education blogger realm.
  2. Eduwonkette. This education blog prides itself on covering serious education issues with an occasionally irreverent twist. The result is meaty articles heartily discussed by the ever-interesting Eduwonkette. (Don’t you just love that name!) This blog distinguishes itself with a social science lens, so expect plenty of analysis on race, culture, and the gender gap as applied to education. Also expect fun features like Halloween Edu-Parade 2008.
  3. Wild About Math. What do you get when you add social media and a former Stanford math major who’s recently walked away from a 25-year career in the high-tech industry? Answer: a clever blog, Wild About Math, whose mission is “inspiring others with the joy of math,” according to blogger Sol Lederman. No small order, but through fun weekly features such as “Monday Math Madness,” intelligent math book reviews, and humorous posts like “Impress Your Friends with Mental Math Tricks,” Lederman manages to score on all counts. This blogger is also a willing tutor and math mentor, so check out his blog today!
  4. Kitchen Table Math, The Sequel. Do you know what a WiiMote is? No? Then head on over to Kitchen Table Math, The Sequel! Kitchen This is a group blog about K-12 education, dealing mostly but not exclusively with math education. An interesting mix of education politics, technology, and the dynamics of classroom learning are covered here. The rich roster of contributors really adds to the depth and breadth of the education discussion topics.
  5. Of Kids and Education. Monica Lim, a blogger from Singapore, intersperses anecdotes of her children, Andre and Lesley-Anne, with practical applications such as math models, time table tricks, and logic puzzles. If you like math clever and bite-sized, rather than complex and abstract, and if you’d like a little math each day to keep the brain nimble, this is a good place to dive in. Check out Miss Lim’s priceless Ode to Teachers 2 right now!
  6. Eduflack. An expert on educational advocacy, marketing and communication strategies, Patrick Riccards articulates the ripple effect of education in intelligent prose that make you stop and think. Eduflack is particularly laudable for its ability to take complex educational issues and synthesize them down to easily understood ideas. One stand-out read is Eduflack’s ten educational tenets.
  7. D-ed Reckoning. Are kids really learning anything valuable in class these days? What would valuable education look like? D-ed Reckoning – opinionated but always thought-provoking – seeks to identify exactly that. The moniker of this blog posits that all of the problems with K-12 education can be traced back to a lack of information. Not enough is known about K-12 education, therefore all efforts surrounding it are based on speculation a.k.a “dead reckoning.” In an attempt to remedy this “sound and fury signifying nothing” syndrome, the co-authors of this blog, a published author and a patent attorney, set out to prove/disprove the current maxims and metrics of current education on a case-by-case basis. The result is Snopes-style exposes of flaws in various education studies, standardized tests, academic books etc, as well as a host of charts, YouTube videos, and cartoons to illustrate the points. In general, D-ed Reckoning is a good example of how to deliver fairly intense, complexinformation in a digestible manner.
  8. Inside Schools. This blog features education issues with a thoroughly modern bent, from pre-school applications, specialized high schools, and finding a school in the right zip code. How important is location when choosing a school? Check out this blog to read a thoughtful account of the the competitive nature of school decisions in this area, as well as plenty of other insights on education. This blog chronicles New York City public schools specifically so it’s especially relevant if you happen to live there, but the accounts are so colorful and engaging they will be enjoyable for any parent dealing with the same issues. Written by a collection of bloggers, the quality of writing never wavers, so check out Inside Schools!

Resources for Further Education Reading

In our research, we came across a few other education articles of note. Check them out below.

For an out-of-the-mouth-of-11th graders glimpse at what’s really happening in our classrooms, check out this colloquial take on a literary classic.

Copy/Paste shares ten tips for helping foster student creativity in the classroom.

Last but not least, Let’s Play Math has a round-up of free math resources.

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