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DreamBox Ranks the Top Eight Homeschooling Blogs

Top 8 Homeschool BlogsWhen we conceived the idea for DreamBox Learning online math games, we knew that homeschoolers would be people we understand and relate to. After all, we have a lot in common. Homeschoolers believe in taking no chances with their kids’ education. DreamBox agrees. Homeschoolers believe that hands-on, individualized learning is crucial. DreamBox agrees. While these bloggers represent a range of views and approaches, they share a passion for education, they believe each child deserves a quality learning experience, and they are willing to invest their time and effort to making that happen. That’s also the mission that DreamBox Learning is founded on.

So it seemed only fitting that we dedicate our latest top blog round-up to these largely unsung heroes. This blog is dedicated to homeschoolers who do the hard work of teaching day in and day out, because they believe that education and home must mix. Without further ado, let’s see who made the list!

  1. Mental MultivitaminMental Multivitamin. What’s neat about this blog is that it celebrates not only homeschooling but the joy of learning in general. The author, who refers to herself as M-MV, is a voracious intellectual who is brilliant at finding great stimulus for the mind and using it in her blog posts. In fact, her cultural insights are so savvy and piercing, you will almost certainly pick up a great tip for a new intellectual venue by spending a little time with Mental Multivatamin. From teaching Shakespeare to homeschooled kids to the truth about math in public schools, enjoy the sharp insights of Mental Multivitamin.
  2. Throwing Marshmallows. With a name like that, you know you are in for an interesting read. Throwing Marshmallows does not disappoint in its enjoyable accounts of the homeschooled adventures of two energetic boys. For example, if your knowledge of children’s magazines extends to Highlights and umm….Highlights, you will certainly enjoy this post on great kids’ magazines ( you might just find some great niece and nephew gift ideas too). For something a little more serious, check out this thought-provoking post on how homeschooling affects the rights of children. From light subjects like online comics, to deeper topics like ADHD, blogger Stephanie proves herself to be a studious and passionate writer who’s blog can be enjoyed by homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers alike.
  3. Fiddledeedee. Surely the most mischievous homeschooling blog on the list, Fiddledeedee has a sense of humor more infectious than the common cold in winter time. When applied to the unheralded topic of homeschooling, you get a blog that’s eye-opening and entertaining. To get just a taste of the gleeful life of Fiddledee and her homeschooled brood, check out her classic 100 Things. Other gems include, “Will this involve sweating?” a look on the process of exercising with kids, or a hilarious (because it’s so relatable) adventure using a GPS for the first time. Fiddledeedee also features recipes, reviews, and giveaways, so check it out! Warning: this blog may cause you to LOL!
  4. Handmade Homeschool. This clever and unique blog is written from the perspective of “PrairiePoppins,” a mother living with her family in the Canadian Prairie. She is a homeschooling mother of two, as well as an artisan, a crafter, and a fervent advocate of original thinking. Her inspiring blog is full of homeschooling highlights, wise quotes, and cool handmade challenges. Like the best homeschooling blogs we found, what sets this writing apart is the delight in everyday things that most of us are so busy we miss. We dare you to read her “Mindful Homeschooling” philosophy and not be disarmed.
  5. Here in the Bonny Glen. This upbeat blog is by a homeschooling mother of five, going on six children. If that isn’t brave enough in itself, author Melissa Wiley is also the mind behind a very cool series of books about the grandmother and great-grandmother of Little House on the Prairie author Laura Ingalls Wilder. Her blog contains plenty of homeschooling pearls of wisdom (check out Wiley’s eloquent explanation of “tidal learners” versus “Fiddler Crab Homechoolers”). Her posts are interspersed with book reviews, recipes, and insightful observations into everyday life. Particularly, Wiley’s gifted range as a writer can be witnessed in posts like the cackling “Who’s On Surp?” and the mellower “The Quiet Joy.” For a dose of nostalgia, check out this fun post on “Favorite Fictional Families” here.
  6. By Sun and Candlelight. This pretty blog provides a cheery photo collage of homeschooling life. From the joy of board games to the fine art of breeding butterflies, By Sun and Candlelight is a sweet look inside the life of this homeschooling mother of five. Honestly, who wouldn’t love learning in a classroom that looks like this? Message to By Sun and Candlight: your schoolhouse rocks. Step inside the family chrysalis that is By Sun and Candlelight, and learn how to make your own Gratitude Tree.
  7. PhatMommy. So modern it hurts, this sassy blogger distinguishes herself with a strong voice and specialized perspective. Case in point: “P.H.A.T” stands for “parenting, homeschooling, and technology.” Basically, brave blogger Shannon went out and did something most of us only dream of: leaving a lucrative job to start her own business.  The blog is made even mor interesting by Shannon’s area of passion. One thing we learned throughout this blog round-up is exactly how web-savvy many homeschooling mothers are, and in that respect, Shannon is queen. From web designing, coding, and social media, Shannon is a student of all things technological, and that really gives a fresh flavor to her blog. Moreover, Phatmommy chronicles the joy and challenge of being a momaprenuer, and how the balancing act between home and work plays out daily. Nowhere is this challenge more eloquently articulated than in her post Confliction. Best line “I don’t want to get a job. I want to create a project.” Profound? We’d sure say so!
  8. Relaxed Homeskool. True to its name, this blog is relaxed in the sense that it’s full of gentle humor, laidback storytelling, and cute family photos. But don’t let the name fool you. After finding out that this so-called “relaxed” blogger Kim has her own radio show, her own podcast, and blogs best during insomniatime, we thought “Wow! What a renaissance woman!” It was at that exact moment that we stumbled on the post about Kim’s first experience at a Rennaissance Fair. True story, and a truly priceless post! The moral? Though the blog contains lighthearted topic like Christmas lights and National Handwriting Day , we figured out that Relaxed Homeskool is written by one of those elusive women who do it all and make it look easy! For a little dose of inspiration, check out Relaxed Homeschool!
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