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DreamBox Receives a Geek Wire Award!

DreamBox CEO is honored by Northwest tech––a shared win for us all

The converging rivers of education and technical innovation have caught the eye of the broader tech world. DreamBox has been recognized as the most prominent education technology startup in the Seattle area. And this month our CEO and President Jessie Woolley-Wilson received the 2019 GeekWire “Big Tech CEO” award. This prestigious distinction acknowledges Jessie as a creative bold visionary and expert organization leader among Pacific Northwest tech companies.

“I’m honored to be recognized by the GeekWire community for DreamBox’s positive impact on students and teachers,” Jessie said. “DreamBox brings together the best in learning technology to improve and help all students become more proficient in math, a requirement for almost every profession.”

Folk and tribal wisdom has long taught us that it takes a village to raise and educate a child. And it took a company full of dedicated people who believe in math education for all children everywhere to achieve the GeekWire award. Jessie brought her whole crew up to stand with her onstage, underscoring that this decoration belongs to everyone who builds and supports DreamBox day by day.

Jessie told the energized award ceremony crowd, “We really come into work every day believing that every child has a spark. And that it’s our job to leverage technology to unleash their learning potential. And none of this would happen without the amazing, talented people you see on the stage.”

At last count, over 3 million students across the U.S., Mexico, and Canada are learning math in ways that work for each of them with the help of DreamBox. In this milestone year, DreamBox has also received $130 million in backing from The Rise Fund, the world’s largest social impact investment fund. We extend special and heartfelt thanks to them, and to all who support and value the DreamBox mission.

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See Jessie and the DreamBox group at the awards ceremony here!

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