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DreamBox Teacher Presents at the Kentucky Center for Mathematics Conference

Laura's presentation at KCTMDreamBox recently presented at the Kentucky Council of Teachers of Mathematics (KCTM) conference in Paris, Kentucky.  We were excited to be invited by our friends at the Kentucky Center of Mathematics (KCM) to present at and attend the conference, and it was wonderful to have a chance to meet personally with classroom teachers and Math Intervention Teachers who have been using DreamBox in the classroom.  DreamBox has been working closely with KCM to bring DreamBox Learning K-2 Math to classrooms across the state.  DreamBox is currently being used by teachers in over 50 Kentucky school.

The Teachers of Mathematics conference was well attended by K-12 teachers and, for the primary grades in particular, by math intervention teachers who work with kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and third grade students in Kentucky. One of DreamBox Learning’s Board Certified teachers presented two sessions at the conference. The first presentation was on Best Practices for Incorporating DreamBox Learning K-2 Math Into the Classroom and the second presentation was on Using Virtual Manipulatives to Teach Early Numeracy. We loved hearing directly from teachers how they were incorporating DreamBox into their classes.

Here are a few of the great tips we heard from teachers on how they are using DreamBox in their classrooms:

  • Before starting students on DreamBox, teachers are using the DreamBox sample lessons and tutorials as a group to introduce the DreamBox virtual manipulatives and math concepts, as well as to get the class excited about the program. (By the way, any teacher can use our sample lessons for free! Just go to
  • Math intervention teachers love the ability to ‘share’ the view of their students’ progress with those students’ homeroom teachers. Students are able to play DreamBox while they’re working with the intervention teacher, as well as in their regular classroom during transition times or small group rotations—and the intervention teacher and homeroom teachers can both view student progress reports.
  • Teachers love the notifications that DreamBox sends to let them know when a student is struggling with a math concept or lesson.  When teachers see a red flag for a student needs assistance they are sitting down with the student to review the concept.
  • Teachers are using our full classroom view of overall progress to see at a glance the range of progress for multiple students through the kindergarten, first grade, and second grade curricula.  They are then pulling groups of students who are at a similar level of progress for small group activities and lessons.
  • The Kentucky teachers we met were excited about the new free DreamBox Teacher Tools, which we introduced at the conference.  They were very interested in ideas for how they could use the manipulatives as quick games to get students back in their seats during transition times, as well as how to use the tools and lessons for in depth discussions in class about what strategies different students are using to solve equations.  Any teacher can use the free DreamBox Teacher Tools! Just go to
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