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DreamBox Teachers are Start-up Warriors

I was raised in a house with teachers (my mom is a retired high school teacher, and my dad taught at the community college on the side), so I already was a fan of their work. But I’m here to tell you that teachers make great entrepreneurs too.

We have three Nationally Board Certified Teachers that work at DreamBox Learning. As newbie software developers, they plan, design, and author our lessons (yes, you read that correctly, they actually write the code that makes our lessons run). Each of them is new to the private sector as well, but you would never know it.

Experienced Teachers Make Great Entrepreneurs

As hardnosed risk-taking co-owners (not clock-punching employees), they are incredibly grounded, talented, dedicated, passionate, hardworking, efficient, willful, open minded, creative, and patient (as early education specialists, they come well-trained to deal with us Peter Pan-ers). What is truly wonderful, however, is the way they impart the importance of learning into our team culture, which in turn flows into our product.

No matter what the nature of the business, if I ever decide to do another start-up, I am certain that I will add teachers to the company mix. At the very least, they keep my grammar in check.


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