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DreamBox video contest winner: 5,248 thumbs up!

Remington Traditional School’s anchorperson Callista explains the power of DreamBox.

Congratulations to Remington Traditional School of Maryland Heights, Missouri! The winner of DreamBox Learning’s latest “Tell Us Your DreamBox Story” video contest had a whopping 5,248 likes on Facebook!

Students tell their DreamBox Story in a cool way. The creative student-designed-and-delivered video is presented as a news report, complete with anchorperson Callista, reporters Zane, Thomas, and Jacob, and fun student and teacher interviews. The video explains how the use of DreamBox has expanded at their school from being used exclusively for math remediation to now being used in the school’s Program for Exceptionally Gifted Students (PEGS).

Students and teachers have great stories to tell. Teacher Tracey Robinson notes that DreamBox provides a terrific way to assess math proficiency. Students share how DreamBox has helped them in specific math topics like dividing fractions, how the program makes math easier because it’s a way to visualize solutions, and how DreamBox is a lot of fun because of it’s a “kid friendly” environment.

Top prize adds up to even more math learning. In recognition of their achievement, the school will receive the grand prize: 10 iPads® and iPad covers to make learning even more personalized for the students at Remington Traditional School.

Kudos to the runners up who each won an iPad and iPad cover!

KIPP GCP Primary School in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina

The students at KIPP GCP Primary School are definitely forward thinkers—in their video, they explain how DreamBox is helping them prepare to get to college in 2025. They also say that DreamBox has taught them the persistence they need to learn math, and help them be what they want to be when they grow up. Educators weigh in and say that students at GCP Primary who used DreamBox over the last year have experienced the most math learning growth.

Hope Valley Elementary School in Durham, North Carolina

The students in Ms. Cliette’s Grade 2 class are real math rock stars! Their original music video tells the story of how DreamBox takes learners to places they’ve never been, how much fun they have learning about math, and the confidence they now feel about math and their own abilities.

St. Martini Lutheran School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Students and teachers at St. Martini relate their DreamBox experiences in a powerful video. It has helped kids below grade-level raise their achievement, and deeply enhanced learning for Spanish-speaking ELL students. Teachers say it increases fluency, reinforces skills students are learning in class, and supports comprehension of key concepts. Most important of all, DreamBox creates a sense of fun and excitement about learning math. The students love it! Or as they say: “Nos encanta DreamBox!”

Thank you to all of our entrants for your great videos and insights into the DreamBox experience. View all of the other videos that were submitted here. Do you have a DreamBox story you’d love to share with us? Email us at mystory@dreambox.com.

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