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DreamBox Learning vs. Other Math Programs

I received the following letter from a parent who is not yet a customer.  She writes:

I recently tried the DreamBox free trial, and feel it is a great program!  However, my husband thinks that there are better programs out there.  Can you help me explain to him why DreamBox is better than other math education programs on the market?

Many of our customers find DreamBox Learning as part of their research into math educational software, and I think this is great!  As a parent myself, I strive to understand, as completely as possible, the goods and services that I give to my daughter, and I expect nothing less from our customer base.

That being said, this blog post would be quite long if I did a side-by side comparison. Therefore, I’ll highlight was makes DreamBox stand out from the rest – then you be the judge.

Conceptual Understanding and Fluency

Our curriculum helps students simultaneously develop conceptual understanding, computational fluency, and problem-solving ability. We provide children with opportunities to develop the full range of skills and logical thinking, from learning the basic facts for computation, to developing problem-solving strategies.

Individually Adaptive

The key word is “adaptability”. Unlike many educational programs, DreamBox Learning’s differentiated instruction looks beyond right or wrong answers. DreamBox is uniquely adaptable, offering each student an appropriately-challenged experience, tailored to their individual instructional level. We track every mouse click in order to offer the appropriate hints and instructional feedback, pacing, sequence, and level of difficulty of the lessons.

Self-Adjusting Lesson Placement

DreamBox Learning also offers a highly individualized response to student errors, making adjustments based on a wide range of variables. Instead of simply marking answers as “wrong”, DreamBox analyzes the full range of each student’s online behavior, doing real-time assessment to determine if a student should skip content he already knows, or if reinforcement in a particular area of the curriculum is needed. By combining the latest educational research, with the expertise of our board-certified teachers, we’ve developed a unique and intuitive technology that constantly adapts, to optimize learning for each child.

Common Core State Standards Alignment

DreamBox Learning’s curriculum s with the Common Core State Standards, and matches their deep focus on developing student’s conceptual understanding and fluency in key curriculum areas. You can get more detailed information on how our curriculum aligns to the Common Core State Standards (as well as a detailed description of the concepts covered in each grade level) by going to

Detailed Progress Reports

DreamBox Learning also sends you updates on your children’s progression. The Parent/Teacher Dashboard reports on each student’s progress in real time, offering both summarized and detailed progress bars for easy analysis, and descriptions in plain English of what your children is currently learning. Parents also receive e-mail reports when their child meets new goals and milestones. We make every attempt to take the guesswork out of assessing your child’s instructional level.

Engaging for Children

Finally, DreamBox is fun! The user interface (what the child sees) is designed to engage young students and keep them playing, by offering incentives such as award certificates and tokens. They can choose from a variety of themes, ranging from pirates to pet friends, and completion of lessons is rewarded with progress in their chosen stories. Students also get to personalize their experience, but here’s the best part – none of these aspects affect the curriculum, meaning that the student gets the personalized engagement they want, AND the personalized math lessons they need.

There certainly are a lot of great reasons to give DreamBox a try, but if you need one more, then here it is: a free 14-day trial!  Signing up is quick, easy, and completely safe.  At no cost to yourself, you can see, firsthand, what DreamBox Learning can do for your children’s fluency in math.

So… Is DreamBox Learning the best math education software on the market today?  We’ll let you be the judge of that.


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