DreamBox Welcome Kit for District Leaders

Everything administrators need to ensure implementation success

The new school year is just weeks away, and if you’re planning to launch DreamBox in your district, there are a number of things you can do right now to set your teachers (and their students) up for success.

We’ve compiled a Welcome Kit for Leaders containing everything you need to get DreamBox up and running fast, including a back-to-school checklist, planning strategies, an implementation calendar, and tips for navigating your Admin Insight Dashboard. This is a must-read not just for leaders rolling out DreamBox for the first time, but also for administrators who want to brush up on the basics, like how to update settings and access key reports.

If you haven’t done so already, you’ll want to carefully coordinate implementation activities with your IT team and remind educators to check rosters, set up devices, and schedule professional development sessions as needed. The Welcome Kit will walk you through these key steps and other important milestones. You’ll also find strategies that you as a leader can use to not only support your teachers and students, but also build and strengthen vital home-school connections too.

Download your free Welcome Kit for Leaders now and get ready to drive better outcomes in your district.

Jenny Lee

Jenny Lee is currently a product marketer manager at DreamBox Learning. She brings over 8 years of experience in marketing and storytelling, and recently received her MBA from the University of Washington.When she's not at work, she is adventuring in the great Pacific Northwest with her dog Allie, and making creative art messes.
Jenny Lee

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