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Schools Can Still Take Us Up on Our Free Summer School Offer!

Crisscrossing the continent from Washington to Florida and California to Prince Edward Island, what do hundreds of schools have in common? Their summer school program will include DreamBox Learning K-3 Math—for free!

Since DreamBox announced earlier this month that any accredited school with a summer school program can sign up to use DreamBox free, we’ve had a terrific response. It’s fun for us to see the geographic range of schools ordering—all with a little help from our loyal fans!

DreamBox is perfect for a summer curriculum. Summer school teachers may not have the luxury of time to test students, pinpoint their levels, and then find a curriculum to meet those needs. With DreamBox, kids can start their first day of class and immediately be placed at the appropriate place in our robust math curriculum. Then they will be motivated to learn with our fun math games!

DreamBox Learning provides:

  • Web-based differentiated instruction, with continuous, embedded assessments that place each student
  • Rigorous academic content based on National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Focal Points for Number Sense and Operations, and Algebra
  • Development of conceptual understanding, computational fluency, and problem-solving ability
  • Detailed tracking of student progress on your Teacher Dashboard

Here’s how to get started using DreamBox Learning in your summer school program today. Not involved your school’s summer program? We’d appreciate it if you’d share this link with those who are! Just tell them to visit:

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