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Spread the Love with Valentine’s Day Themed Math Activities

This Valentine’s Day, show how much you <3 Math!

Valentine’s Day isn’t just an excuse for kids to spend the day eating candy hearts, it’s the perfect day to remind kids of their love for math! We strongly believe math is all around us, and it’s important to foster that mentality into young learners.

We’ve compiled some amazing Valentine’s themed math activities to use as inspiration for how to celebrate this day with your students!

Teachers: Integrate Valentine’s Day themed activities into your classroom math rotation combined with DreamBox time, so students can enjoy the holiday while reinforcing their math skills.

Parents: Use these activities after school to keep the fun and learning going at home!

  1. Hands-on Math Stations (source: NutureStore) – Use these ideas for number hearts, heart-shaped towers and more.

  2. Subtraction cards (source: thekindergartenconnection) – Download these free cards and use heart-shaped candy to teach students how to add and subtract.
  3. Build cardboard heart structures (Source: Little Bins for Little Hands) – Encourage STEM growth with these cardboard heart structures.
  4. Foam Tangram Hearts (Source: And Next Comes L) – Create foam tangrams so students can build heart shaped Valentines, while learning shapes

Here are some additional ideas:

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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