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Giving Gratitude Today and Everyday

Special thank you to everyone in the DreamBox community

Here at DreamBox, we come in every day filled with deep thankfulness for the chance to do work that makes a real difference in the lives of young math learners. As friends and family gather in warmth across our nation to share good food, games, stories, and maybe some great football, we want to take a moment to thank you––all who travel with us on the rewarding journey of opening new worlds to eager minds.

Teachers and administrators, we cherish your dedicated partnership in the classroom to engage students in personalized math learning. This is what makes so much positive impact on student achievement even possible. High-level studies are showing meaningful gains in DreamBox participants. That success is coming about as a direct result of your belief, willingness, and sheer gift as educators. Not only that, you are tireless in your own professional growth, which we are honored to support.

All of you handling the IT backend for individual schools, your job is not easy and we thank you so much for your detailed technical expertise. You get things up and running for school to start in the fall, and keep it going all year long. And to every educational support professional who transports our children to school and then home again, feeds them, keeps them safe and well, and maintains buildings of education…to each one of you we extend our heartfelt gratitude.

Parents, you are amazing. Find just one quiet moment (not easy, we know) to let that sink in. Thank you for all you do to help your children at home with their DreamBox learning. Thank you for time you spend meeting with teachers, working with them to build knowledge, critical thinking, and inspired discovery in your child.

Extra-special thank you and shout out to every student. You’re doing great. We are so grateful to be part of your education, and watch you learn and grow.

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