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Happy Birthday DreamBox Nation

Taking a look back at year 1

Exactly one year ago, on March 6th 2017, DreamBox Learning officially announced DreamBox Nation to all the customers, an online community designed for educators who use DreamBox to collaborate, support, and learn from each other. Since then we’ve witnessed some great conversations and teacher to teacher support. Check out this infographic that recaps how our community has grown in the past year.

We thought it’d be interesting to share what we’ve learned from these organic educator conversations and what themes continually pop up:

  • Reorienting Students’ Negative Self-Talk

“I’m bad at math.” We hear it all the time, even in adults, but it simply isn’t true. In fact, so many people have so much fear of math that they shut down before they even attempt to engage in a math activity. Teachers shared amazing tips about how they encourage students to keep going, despite their negative feelings towards math.

  • How to Encourage Students to Set Healthy Goals

Setting goals is important. It teaches students to self-motivate, work hard, and helps them assess their own achievement. But it’s even more important to set healthy goals that are a balance between challenge and achievability. Teachers discussed how they support students with setting and also measuring their goals.

  • Summer Learning Loss Prevention

As we approach summer again, it’s great to be able to see what educators are doing to prepare for summer, and what they do to prevent summer slide. Educators shared their tactics on combining DreamBox with other fun activities and worksheets to keep students learning even when they are out of school.

While our community is still growing, it’s amazing to see the type of support educators are giving each other, and the tips and tricks that only those on the ground can really share. If you’re interested in learning more about these conversations, join us over at DreamBox Nation now!

NOTE: DreamBox Nation membership is only available to DreamBox Learning customers, and people who already have an existing DreamBox account. To learn more about DreamBox Learning Math, request a free demo.

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