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Have a Little Fun, Practice French and a Little Math

On a day when I didn’t really have any time to goof off, I just found more than an hour of free time I didn’t think I had. That’s thanks to the Mostly Mommies blog which recently mentioned, a French site with free educational games. My French is pretty basic but since numbers are universal and the games use pretty common conventions, many of them are easy to understand. People who play online games will find many of them familiar.

I come across sites with free “educational games” pretty often – so many of them are not places I’d recommend for parents. But I found myself exploring and playing these, and lost all track of time! There are some fun math-related games here – your children won’t learn new math concepts, but there are web versions of many popular puzzles and pattern matching games, memory games, brain teasers, and some of them can give your kids fun ways to practice basic math operations. You’ll find appropriate games for a range of abilities.

Lots of Fun Learning Games for All Ages

I lost 20-30 minutes playing a puzzle game called Five, where you figure out strategies for grouping 5 adjacent balls of the same color as the maze fills up. There’s a charming game called Les Bulles (The Bubbles) where you can choose the operation you want to practice (addition, subtraction, etc.), then pop floating bubbles that equal your target number. In a completely addictive game called Splash Back, you judge the relative sizes of blobs of green liquid, predict which row where you’ll pop the most bubbles, and use up your ten drops to grow the blobs, create combinations, and earn more drops. And there are a couple of Magic Circle/Square games where all the sides have to add up to the same number. I could keep going, but you get the idea.

This is one site where you probably won’t mind letting your child play, even if you’re generally leery of game sites. If your children happen to be studying French the math will be an added bonus! And now I really can’t put off making dinner any longer.

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