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Have a Spooktacular Green Halloween

Maybe you didn’t think it was possible. But yes, you can have an enjoyable Halloween and be healthy and earth conscious. Let’s make the year’s most spooktacular holiday a Green Halloween by showing the importance of reducing sugary sweets and being environmentally friendly.


pumpkin-o-meterAfter your ghastly ghoul or pretty princess reaches their quota for candy, show your children the importance of pumpkin math, and calorie counting with the Pumpkin-O-Meter presented by

In this counting exercise, the Pumpkin-O-Meter teaches kids how each candy possesses a different caloric value. As children drag and drop the candy into the pumpkin’s mouth, they learn how much candy is too much (like eight large candy bars) all while practicing counting and addition. When they add too much candy to the pumpkin, he gets sad and candy falls out of his sides (which is the same way we feel when we eat too much candy).

Since children shouldn’t consume half their daily calories in candy, the Pumpkin-O-Meter calorie counter is also a wonderful lesson on the importance of controlling their sugar intake. As children experiment with different candy combinations they learn small candy has fewer calories than large candy, and that we should all eat candy in moderation.

Post-Halloween Neighborhood Cleanup

A fun way to promote Green Halloween is to organize a morning-after neighborhood cleanup. Gather all your friends and family the morning after Halloween and take a stroll through the neighborhood to pick up loose candy wrappers or garbage on the street.

This is a great family activity for young ones as it teaches the importance of responsibility, while providing an outlet for fresh air and exercise after all that candy. You can also turn the neighborhood cleanup into a fun counting game by awarding a prize to the child who picks up the most pieces of litter.

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