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Here's to 100 Blog Posts! Vote for DreamBox in the Seattle 2.0 Awards


We’re proud to announce this is our 100th blog post. Let’s hear it for us! DreamBox Learning started with … dreams. We envisioned a world where every student enjoys an individually-tailored, world class learning experience. Then created an online math learning game that’s both highly effective at teaching math, and it’s fun. We strive to reach kids, enrich minds, and inspire a life-long love of mathematics. It has been a wonderful coaster ride as a Seattle startup and we couldn’t be more proud of our achievements.

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As we reach our 100th blog post, we’re asking fans to help us reach another milestone. Please vote for DreamBox in the “Best of Seattle Startups” category in the Seattle 2.0 awards. Why should you take a minute to vote for DreamBox? Here’s the best reason: the criteria for this award is “…make a difference on the lives of the people involved…” And no other company in this category is as likely to make such a positive difference in the lives of so many children.

We’re honored just to be nominated as one of Seattle’s best startups.  Please vote and pass it along. A vote for DreamBox is a vote for dreams and equations!