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Here's Why I Love Working at DreamBox Learning

I’ve been in the software biz for 22 years or so, not counting high school and university. (If you want to add that, call it 28 years!)

Of the companies I’ve worked for, this is the most balanced, professional, and most oriented towards shipping product.

I love the way we have combined software, creative, teaching, marketing, and business professionals to make a real product. Other companies have meritocracies or cults which exclude whole groups of people. DreamBox is different — we listen to our customers and to each other, and it shows!

Lots of people can write software code, but if it doesn’t get out to the real world and doesn’t affect real people — well then, you’re just doing it for yourself.

Making a Difference in E-Learning

I have ALWAYS preferred companies and projects which will have a REAL impact in the world. I have been lucky to work on a couple of such projects in the past, and I think this one will truly make a difference.

We have worked incredibly hard for almost 3 years now to get to this point. We will continue to work hard, making improvements and adding more grade levels, but it’s worth taking a moment to appreciate our unusually collaborative culture, which has enabled us to create a product with the potential to help so many kids.