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Holiday Math Activities

We’re all for giving the kids a break over the holidays. At the same time, parents often need a break too! We thought we’d help out by offering some winter fun activities to keep the kids engaged. And hey, there’s nothing that says fun has to be mindless. Here are some ideas that we think are pretty wonderful, from some of our favorite bloggers and sites.

  • Even if you’re not having a white Christmas, your kids can enjoy the snow with Winter activities for a wide range of ages. You can do some Penguin Math pattern problem-solving, learn about the fascinating geometry of snowflakes, or learn how to create a Gingerbread Man Glyph. These are all from Mathwire – one of our favorite blogs. You might even want to bookmark this site and come back for math activities in every season.
  • Make a Pattern Garland, and encourage your kids to think about patterns as they make holiday decorations. You can offer suggestions for creating patterns with colors, shapes, or kind of objects to use in your garlands. Paper rings (strips of paper that are taped into linked rings) are a perennial favorite for the holiday tree! Or give children a long piece colorful yarn or string on which to string beads of different colors or shapes. Encourage your children to talk about the patters they are creating – are they making a 1-2-1 pattern, a 1-2-3 pattern, or something else? (This idea came from Scholastic, which is always full of fun math activities.)
  • Kids can use geometry and measurement skills to draw a map for Santa. You can start by asking them to think of landmarks that are near your home, like a store, a church, a stop sign, or a mailbox on the corner. Then have the children draw a map to their houses from the chosen landmark. (Thanks to Suite 100 for sharing this idea.)
  • Another favorite site of ours is Let’s Play Math, which shared a link to a cool online Math Advent Calendar. It has a mathematical game for each day leading up to Christmas. Of course, we’re a little late with this idea, but you can let your child count the days while he plays, or you can always save it for next year.

From all of us at DreamBox Learning, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season with these family math activities!

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