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A Good Opportunity to Build a Home-School Connection

Stacy Gordon wrote on our Facebook wall: Explain this to me please–Cathy wrote four adding 9 facts. Then she wrote two more adding 9 facts. Show the facts she wrote. Write a number sentence to show how many adding 9 facts Cathy wrote. First grader did work at school. Teacher marked it wrong, did not correct it or explain it. HELP!

Since we don’t have much room in a Facebook comment to respond, we’ll try to help you here!

It sounds like your child has been given a word problem as homework, which you wrote in your question. We believe that the answer is something like this:

Cathy could have written the following 9 facts:

  • 4+9=13
  • 5+9=14
  • 6+9=15
  • 7+9=16
  • 8+9=17
  • 9+9=18

4 “9 facts” + 2 “9 facts” = 6 “9 facts”

We discussed your question among the teachers here at DreamBox, and we’re assuming that the teacher is trying to give the students word problems that are relevant in some way to their lives, and prepare the students for standardized testing. In some states, students are given word problems that need to be answered in pictures, words, and numbers.

When your child has been given a homework problem that’s unclear to you, that’s a great opportunity to start a dialogue with the teacher — when you do, you,  your child, and the teacher all will benefit from building a connection between school and home.

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