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Tuesday Teacher Tips: Hooked on Puzzles

Welcome to the Tuesday Teacher Tips series! Each week we’ll highlight teaching and learning resources, ideas to use in the classroom, as well as things to ponder as you go about your teaching day.

This year my class is hooked on puzzles! Not such a bad thing!

They love the Sudoku puzzles and can’t get enough of them, so I’ve been using Daily SuDoku for kids to find new puzzles to keep them thinking!

Ever since my class had a deductive reasoning lesson in the math curriculum, my students are begging for more logic puzzles with grids. Puzzlers Paradise has an archive of traditional logic problems that can be used with your students. Squigly’s Playhouse Brain Teasers also has some printable resources.

Tangram puzzles were definitely a challenge for my class. has a Tangram Investigation page with lots of resources for classroom use, including a lesson to accompany a video on Links Learning.

What resources do you use to get your class thinking? Let us know, we’d love to hear about them!

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