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How Are Teachers Using Digital Content to Differentiate Instruction?

New study compares DreamBox teachers to group using other digital products

According to Project Tomorrow®, a global education nonprofit organization, the number of teachers using digital curriculum jumped 70 percent in just three years. Why? Education leaders, policymakers, and parents alike are embracing personalized learning as a key component for student success — and digital curriculum is a big part of personalized instruction.

Project Tomorrow — in collaboration with DreamBox Learning — conducted a study in the spring of 2016 that examined the views and values of two groups of classroom teachers using digital content within instruction:

  • Those who used DreamBox Learning Math and received specific professional development.
  • Those who used other digital content products with associated training and/or professional development.

The study used methodology and instrumentation developed by Project Tomorrow as part of a National Science Foundation-funded research grant to evaluate the readiness of teachers to use digital content effectively within instruction. Key findings include:

  • Teachers who have access to innovative, high-quality digital content and use it regularly in their classrooms are more confident in their abilities to support students’ learning goals.
  • The efficacy of personalized learning depends primarily on how the teacher adopts and adapts the digital tools, resources, and content to personalize learning or differentiate instruction.
  • Creating a school or district mindset that supports professional learning can cultivate a culture of continuous skill development and improvement in teaching practices, especially using digital content.
  • To be successful with differentiated instruction, teachers need access to high-quality digital content that provides them with information and data that they can use to understand the needs of each student, and tailor learning progressions accordingly.

Study reveals DreamBox teachers more confident in their use of digital resources

According to the study, the teacher group using DreamBox exhibited a heightened sophistication in their use of technology to support various instructional goals. In fact, DreamBox teachers outpaced the national teacher pool that was part of this study by a statistically significant percentage in every category measured. To find out why DreamBox teachers are more confident in their abilities to match digital resources to learning goals, download and read the white paper Leveraging Digital Content to Differentiate Learning now.

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