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Teacher Tool of the Month: Match-n-Make: Identifying Pairs™

When we developed DreamBox Learning K-2 Math, our teachers and our software developers collaborated to create online tools that are uniquely suited to teaching math. These virtual tools grew out of the classroom experiences of our board-certified staff teachers, who know that physical manipulatives help students better understand essential math concepts and build knowledge through direct hands-on experience with mathematical ideas. In fact, research has shown that virtual manipulatives can be especially effective, because students are engaged directly in problem-solving, enabling them to replay lessons, try different strategies, and reset and self-correct when necessary. matchingmake-3_800pxMatch-n-Make: Identifying Pairs™ The match-n-make virtual tool is a lot of fun, providing opportunities for students to identify number patterns and relationships, and practice computation strategies that build fluency. It helps engage students to develop understanding of landmark numbers (10, 20, 50, etc.) The match-n-make board provides pairs of numbers that add up to a landmark number. The numbers can be restricted (for instance, you can limit it to a landmark of 10 or multiples of 10), allowing you to focus on specific strategies and scaffold student learning. Like all DreamBox Teacher Tools, when you access the match-n-make tool you’ll also get ideas that you can use as stand-alone classroom activities, as a supplement to your math curriculum, or that you can incorporate into a professional development program. For example, teachers can use lessons as quick activities to support fluency with addition. Or, before identifying any pairs on the screen, ask students to write down as many pairs as possible. You’ll find more ideas on using the match-n-make tool in your classroom, access to this and all of the other DreamBox Teacher Tools, as well as tutorials on using them, when you visit www.dreambox.com/teachertools!

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