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Introducing Free Summer Math Activities Calendar

July Summer Math Calendar

July Summer Math Calendar

A lot of parents work at DreamBox Learning, so we know what it’s like when school ends and summer begins. Kids get out of their learning and bedtime routines (no, waking up at noon is not OK), your house fills to capacity with their friends (who is that kid?), and your hardwood floors turn into a slip-and-slide (when will kids finally grasp the concept of inside or out?). Sound frighteningly familiar?

Summer is wonderful (s’mores anyone?), but it’s a challenge to keep kids learning when their brains are on summer vacation.

Summer math calendar keeps boredom at bay

Our free, printable summer math activities calendar keeps them practicing math all summer long. They’ll have an easier time transitioning back to school. It’s full of zany holidays, math learning tips, and fun facts. Don’t miss National Strawberry Sundae Day, Embrace Your Geekiness Day, or PI Approximation Day (beloved holidays at DreamBox Learning). And stay tuned for next month’s calendar.

Hang our summer math calendar on your fridge and you’ll never be short of summer math activities! And repeat to yourself: only a few more months until back to school… only a few more months until back to school…

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