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ISTE 2015: DAY 1

Top 10 Insights on Creating Successful Math Students and the Realizing the Promise of Personalized Learning

Greetings from Philadelphia! ISTE 2015 is in full swing and we are thrilled to be among so many inspiring educators, innovators, and thought leaders, who are passionate about math and technology in the classroom. This year, we’re asking educators to share thoughts about the future of education and  #EnvisionEDU, so we can show insights and tell YOUR story through real-time whiteboard art sessions live at our booth. It didn’t take long for the conversation to start rolling! Below are just a few of the many thought-provoking answers imagining what education looks like today, including how to create engaged, confident students with math skills needed for success and the promise of a more personalized learning experience for students.

  1. “DreamBox really helps in monitoring differentiation and it’s a great tool to prepare students.”– @Katy_Corey
  2. “I see a future where students love rather than fear #math, because it is personalized, exciting and meaningful.” – @MegMarMe
  3. “Differentiated learning makes confident students progress beyond their grade level, especially for girls and ELL students.”– @rbpseagles
  4. “Personalized learning allows kids to connect in a deeper way and have more success in the classroom.”
  5. “#PD is important for learning, giving Ts resources that blend technology and pedagogy.”– @21centtech
  6. “Innovation age says we need to cultivate empathetic thinking skills.” – @Samskymiller
  7. “Great math students aren’t afraid to ask questions. Drive learning through exploring!”
  8. “It’s important for students to feel their voices are valued.”
  9. “Let’s make math meaningful and change attitudes! If we connect it to Ss lives, they’re going to want to learn.”
     – @msdriscollmath
  10. “Ss need Ts that can give them the tools to own their learning. It’s up to us to help them navigate that.”


Our colorful DreamBoard illustrated the future of education through educators’ eyes. What’s your vision?


Are you at ISTE? Join the conversation! We’ll be at booth #412 creating more DreamBoard art all day tomorrow to share YOUR visions about the future of learning for students and realizing the potential of education technology. You can also share your thoughts here. Be sure to follow us on Twitter to see the DreamBoard story unfold! Be heard.

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