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ISTE 2015: DAY 2

Diving into Data — By the Numbers

Whew! Day 2 of ISTE 2015 was exciting and chockfull of even more amazing insights, especially surrounding the topic of data and its use in the classroom. Dr. Gregory Firn, our Superintendent in Residence, joined Julie Evans from Project Tomorrow’s Speak Up Research Project and other thought leaders on the Why Student Data? panel to talk about leveraging data to impact students’ lives, address current pain points regarding the use of data to inform instruction, and discuss best practices for educators.

 Here are a few major takeaways shared, by the numbers:           

78% of teachers believe data helps validate student progress and potential

75% teachers have NOT received instruction about the policies in place in their school regarding student data  

43% of parents are concerned that their child’s student records are not sufficiently protected by schools

34% of district administrators say data privacy is a priority


Notable Quotables:

“We have been held hostage by trailing data and haven’t achieved authentic leading indicators.”
 –Dr. Greg Firn

“We’re not getting far with the value of data if parents aren’t trusting the schools, or the keepers of the data.”
–Julie Evans


The discussion came full circle later in the afternoon during our second DreamBoard art session, which reflected much of the conversation and stories we heard other educators sharing about the value of data. Here’s what you envisioned for the future of learning for students and your insights about the impact of using technology in the classroom to drive instruction.

Want more on data? Be sure to read Dr. Firn’s new blog series on creating a Data-Driven Culture and check out ISTE’s policy platform and the Speak Up Research Project.  Swing by our booth #412 tomorrow to see your final #EnvisionEDU DreamBoard installment which will be a compilation of all the ISTE 2015 discussions to reimagine the future of education.

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