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ISTE 2015: DAY 3

Top Takeaways to Impact the Future of Education

Another year at ISTE has flown by and you were heard! Our amazing DreamBoard that envisioned the future of education couldn’t have been possible without so many incredible insights that educators shared with us. By telling us how you think students learn today and sharing your hopes for realizing the promise of personalized learning tomorrow, we were able to truly envision an educational landscape in which every child has the right to learn, the promise of personalized learning is realized, and teachers and district administrators have the knowledge, capacity, and resources through professional development to reshape instruction and learn how to connect with students in more meaningful ways. It’s also a future in which the value of protecting student data is recognized, educators know and understand how to properly navigate data, and data-driven instruction in the classroom is leveraged with real-time feedback and instructional adjustments to better impact students’ lives. 

You shared and we showed! Here’s what our final DreamBoard looked like after all of your ideas were heard:


We really enjoyed connecting with all of you and joining the conversation about how teaching and education will continue to change for the better through technology.  

Here’s what a few excited educators and thought leaders had to say: 

What does future look like when professional development partners with data instruction? Stay tuned for how DreamBox Learning supports educators and the use of data to connect with every student every day, coming this fall. 

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See you next year!





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