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ISTE 2015: The Aftermath

Envisioning the Future of Education

Last week, we were surrounded by hundreds of passionate educators at ISTE 2015 who vocalized their thoughts on creating confident math learners, realizing the promise of personalized learning, and how their classrooms and school districts might look for both students and teachers when the full potential of education and technology is achieved. Many ideas were shared and we were inspired to envision the future of learning. Here’s a look back at what we saw and heard.

What we all envision is achievable and includes two key pillars that will impact learning and equip educators with the tools to better connect with every student. 

  1. Improve Professional Development 
  • Students need teachers that can give them the tools to own their own learning
  • Empower teachers to reach new goals
  • Provide educators with their own learning experience to gain support they desire


  1. Use Data to Drive Actionable Insights and Adjust Instruction 
  • Data-informed classrooms engage with a highly motivating learning environment
  • Real-time analysis provides teachers with deeper insight into students’ understanding
  • A depth of knowledge and appropriate tools to understand data is critical for instruction


We heard you. This fall, DreamBox Learning is transforming the way educators experience learning and instruction.

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