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It’s Here! Professional Development that Gives Teachers a Choice and a Voice!

Introducing MyFlexPD™—professional learning that’s data-driven, actionable, and self-paced

By now DreamBox blog readers, conference attendees, and members of DreamBox Nation have heard the buzz about an exciting, new, self-paced professional development program that corresponds directly to what students are learning in the classroom. Today, the promise of truly personalized PD is finally a reality for DreamBox subscribers across the U.S. and Canada.

DreamBox is pleased to unveil—a revolutionary new solution for professional development that empowers teachers to learn more about math concepts on an as-needed basis to improve differentiation and grow student achievement. Now teachers can finally get the coaching they need at a time and place that’s right for them—on demand and directly accessible from within DreamBox.

Using real-time student achievement data, MyFlexPD surfaces professional development content that corresponds directly to what a student—or group of students—is learning, growing, or struggling with at that precise moment. This PD content goes beyond simple product training to impart a deeper understanding of math concepts and suggest relevant teaching strategies that educators can apply immediately. MyFlexPD empowers teachers to make more personalized professional learning choices, deepen their content knowledge, and enhance their classroom instruction.

Early research findings link teacher usage to student growth

An early prototype of MyFlexPD was the subject of a recently published whitepaper developed with a research grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. District leaders and administrators who participated in the six-month study called the early prototype a potential “game-changer.” Furthermore, students in Grades 3-5 demonstrated over 30 percent more growth in math topics on their grade level when they had a teacher who engaged in more PD sessions.

Maury County Public Schools in Tennessee was one of the first districts to participate in an early feedback program of MyFlexPD. Superintendent Dr. Chris Marczak shared his excitement and enthusiasm saying, “Personalized, job-embedded professional development will revolutionize the way educators approach professional learning.”

Curious about MyFlexPD? See for yourself

Last month, DreamBox offered customers and friends a sneak peek at MyFlexPD. If you’d like to learn more about how this breakthrough approach to professional learning can help educators in your school or district deepen math understanding and address specific classroom challenges, view the 30-minute recorded session and demo on demand. Enjoy!


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