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It’s Math Challenge time again! Join us for March MATHness!

Win fun prizes while you prep for spring assessments

Twice a year, thousands of math students from all 50 states and Canada compete to complete the most DreamBox Learning lessons during our biannual Math Challenge events. Last fall, math-happy students managed to pull off a record—racking up more than two million completed lessons in just three weeks of competition. Now we’re raising the bar.

Think your class is up to the challenge? Get in the game!

There are some fun prizes up for grabs—including t-shirts, Chromebooks, and more—and it’s a great way to prep your students for spring assessments. Last year, Ann Salway’s third-grade class at Abner Creek Academy in South Carolina completed some 9,000 lessons in the weeks leading up to spring assessments. Salway says, “Completing that many lessons before state and district testing had a huge impact on performance.”

If you haven’t registered your class yet, there’s still time. You can enter here, but hurry—the fun and games begin Monday March 13th. You’ll want to register on or before the 13th.  Don’t miss your chance to get your class in on the excitement. Visit the official contest webpage for more details and to download the full contest terms and conditions.

New this year—early access to awesome new DreamBox features

This year Math Challenge participants will get early access to exciting new features like progress monitoring so students can easily view and track the number of lessons they complete each week. Progress monitoring is an excellent way to keep the momentum going during the competition and beyond. This top-requested feature now makes it easy for teachers and students to set weekly goals and keep tabs on progress along the way.

Pssst … Looking for a competitive edge?

DreamBox has your back. You’ll find all kinds of classroom motivators here on the Teacher Hub, including printable calendars, certificates, posters, and more! The more lessons your class completes, the better their chance of winning.

Try to think of incentives that will drive participation. During the fall Challenge, students at Success Academy Harlem West in New York City practiced DreamBox every day—coming to school early and staying after classes to complete as many lessons as possible. Seventh-grade teacher Brittany Fried offered homework passes to the students who finished the most DreamBox lessons. Not only did DreamBox usage increase by 18 percent, the class mastered an average of 1.9 new standards!  That’s what we call a win/win.

You know your kids can do this. Now go get your game on!


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