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It’s Teacher Appreciation Week; Print the DreamBox Mad Libs

teacher appreciation mad libIn celebration of Teacher Appreciation week, DreamBox Learning would like to recognize all the great teachers out there.

At my school each fall there was a tradition on the afternoon of Open House. At noon the secretary would tape all of the class lists to the front door of the building; it was the first time that students would know whose class they were in for the upcoming year. Like worms suddenly appearing after a rain, kids would come out of nowhere—sprinting across the yard, racing on bikes, and pouring from cars.

This was what we had been waiting to find out all summer. Students stood at the door and hastily searched for their name and their teacher’s name. Kids would yell, “Who’d you get?” Cheers (a few groans) and “Yes!” were heard floating from that doorway into the windows of the teachers preparing for first day of school, no doubt hoping that “Yes!” was for them.

Why was there so much teacher anticipation? I think it’s because both students and parents know the teacher makes such a huge difference in the success of a child’s school year. A good teacher can build a student’s self-confidence, turn a struggle into a teachable moment, and create a learning environment where students want to learn.

Show Your Teacher Appreciation

If you have a good teacher in your life this year, or had one in previous years, why not send a Teacher Appreciation note this week, and let your teacher know why he/she earned your respect and admiration.

Having trouble figuring out what to say? Have fun with our Teacher Appreciation Mad Libs! Just download the PDF, print the one you like best, and fill it in. It’s a simple way to have fun saying, “Thank you!”

Teacher Appreciation Mad Libs! – Click Here

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