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New Math Activity Calendar: January is National Hobby Month

Goodbye 2010! Ring in the New Year with our January Math Activity Calendar, and all the fun holiday and math activities that come along with it. What are your New Year’s resolutions? Here at DreamBox, we start each year with the goal of making learning math fun and a part of everyday life. Jan_2011-MathCale_HERO

  • Use shapes to create a snowman on paper on Make a Snowman Day, January 6th
  • Figure out how many cups of kernels you’ll need to make popcorn for your family on Popcorn Day, January 19th
  • Solve a math puzzle on National Puzzle Day, January 29th

January is National Hobby Month

Did you know that math is a part of many hobbies? For instance, tracking the batting average of your favorite ball player involves converting at bats to decimals. Sewing requires a knowl¬edge of fractions as you measure fabric. How many more can you name?

Download our free January Math Activity Calendar today – Happy New Year!

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