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January 2020 Activity Calendar

Happy January and Happy New Year DreamBoxers! It’s officially 2020 and that means it’s time to focus on the year ahead, set goals and strive to be an even better you. This month is packed full of so many exciting days to keep you busy or even just to get you through the snow days. Get ready because the January Activity Calendar might be the busiest one yet!

Starting off the month on the 1st we have New Years Day. Take this day to set your goals and intentions for the new year. What are some things that you want to accomplish? Is there a something you fell short on in 2019 and want to try again? Take this day to reflect and think ahead. Moving forward, we have National Bird Day on the 5th. Did you know that there are over 10,000 bird species known to date? On this day go outside and see how many species you can spot, compare it with a friend and see if you have any in common! On the 9th we have National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. Take a moment today to say thank you to the law officers in your home town – it will make their day.

Towards the middle of the month we have National Sticker Day. Who doesn’t love stickers? They are such a fun way to show your personality! On this day talk to your friends about what stickers you have and what they mean to you! Did you know DreamBox Stickers are available on DreamBox Nation? Head over to learn more! On the 18th we have National Thesaurus Day. On this day take a moment to look at a thesaurus – it is the best tool to amplify your writing. On the 19th we have National Popcorn Day. Who doesn’t love this delicious treat! How do you like your popcorn? With Caramel? Butter? Kettle? Compare with your friends and see what you all have in common!

At the end of the month we have Martin Luther King Jr. Day. On this day we honor his birthday and celebrate his life and achievements as an influential African American civil rights leader. On the 24th we have National Compliment Day. Today, take a moment to give someone a compliment. You never know what a person may be going through, so take a moment and share a compliment it can make the biggest impact. Finishing out the month on the 29th we have National Puzzle Day. On this day, gather with some friends or just yourself and do a puzzle. If you like end result you can glue it together and put it on your wall!

As always, for more ways to be mindful of math during the month of January, download your January Activity Calendar now and use it to encourage the kids in your life to keep making those daily connections between numbers and the world around them. Happy January! Enjoy!

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