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Join DreamBox August 21st-25th for Back-to-School Boot Camp

A week of one-hour webinars designed to help you hit the ground running

It’s that time. Yes, that time. Well, almost.

It seems as though back-to-school (B2S) advertising starts earlier and earlier each year. There used to be an unspoken but widely observed rule that you couldn’t utter the words, “back-to-school,” until the ashes from your 4th of July cookout had cooled. Nowadays, the B2S chatter starts hours after the last student steps off school grounds in June, and it doesn’t let up until the final waning hours of August.

Don’t panic. Despite what retailers would have you think, you’ve still got a few more weeks to soak up a little more summer before the new school year kicks off. Still, you want to be able to hit the ground running when the time comes—and it is coming. Soon.

To help you start the year strong, DreamBox created the B2S Boot Camp Series, a week’s worth of webinars that explore the basics of personalized learning, intervention strategies, math culture, and STEM curriculum—plus the latest developments in professional learning (which you don’t want to miss). We call the educational series Boot Camp because we’ve packed five short, but intensive sessions into one glorious week. But don’t let the name scare you. Unlike other boot camps, there’s virtually nothing grueling about these training sessions, and you don’t have to don a uniform or shave your head to participate.

Presented by experienced math educators and experts, each session explores practical strategies for implementing and scaling the latest technology-enhanced learning models to drive better outcomes. The titles and presentation times are listed below, but you can view full descriptions of each session and registration details here.

Back-to-School Boot Camp Series

  • Leading, Scaling, and Sustaining Innovations in Personalized Learning That Last

    Monday, August 21st @ 12:00pm PT
  • Proven Intervention Strategies to Support Struggling Students

    Tuesday, August 22nd @ 12:00pm PT
  • Rethinking Math Culture: Proven Ways to Develop School-Wide Math Mindset

    Wednesday, August 23rd @12:00pm PT
  • Starting the School Year STEM Strong: How to Power Deeper Math Learning

    Thursday, August 24th @ 12:00pm PT
  • Next-Gen Teacher PD: The Path to Proven and Personalized Approaches

    Friday, August 25th @ 12:00pm PT

Register for all five, or as many as you like. And, feel free to invite your colleagues. Boot camp is always better when you enlist with a buddy. Enjoy!