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July Activity Calendar

A Month of Math

July is a little like the Wednesday of months. It’s the midpoint of the working year for adults and learning guardians and the midpoint of summer break for kids. However, unlike Wednesday, for many of us July is actually the easiest month of the year. It’s more of a pleasant valley than an arduous hump. And, it’s generally the warmest month—at least in this hemisphere.

July is all about hot dogs, beach days, fireworks, and family reunions. We celebrate both our independence as a country and our dependence on family and friends. And, though it’s 31 days long (and the days really are longer) it somehow feels fleetingly short.

This month’s DreamBox Activity Calendar highlights some things about July that may surprise you. You’ll find fun ways to celebrate math in everything from macaroni to merry-go-rounds to the moon. And, in the spirit of Independence, we give also give a well-deserved shout out to Amelia Earhart, the first female aviator (AKA aviatrix) to fly solo across the Atlantic.

In addition to amazing courage, determination, and confidence, Amelia’s solo trip required some mad math skills too. Her landmark flight took 20 hours and 40 minutes to complete and she couldn’t have done it without accurately calculating the distance and speed beforehand. Imagine that!

For more ways to be mindful of math during the month of July, download your free DreamBox Activity Calendar now and use it to encourage the kids in your life to keep making those daily connections between numbers and the world around them. Happy July! Enjoy!

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