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Just Announced: Investment in DreamBox Learning Means a Bright Future

Almost every day we hear from customers that they wish our online math learning program was available for higher grades. And almost as often we hear them ask us to do for literacy and other subjects what we’ve done for math — make it really effective at helping students learn, even while we make it really fun for kids.

This morning we announced that we’re well positioned to make these wishes a reality! DreamBox has been acquired by a new partnership between Reed Hastings — he’s a very well known and respected education philanthropist and the CEO of Netflix — and the Charter Fund, a non-profit venture capital firm. This partnership has given DreamBox a $10 million investment that will allow us to significantly increase our growth, create new content, and further develop our technology platform. All of which will help us achieve our big dream of helping millions of students!

Our technology platform is at the core of our product — it’s the engine that continually assesses each student’s mathematical understanding with every mouse click, and then provides the most appropriate hints, encouragement, and the right next lessons, at the right pace and level of difficulty, for that child.

The mission of the Charter Fund is very much in sync with ours. They are dedicated to reaching a broad range of students and helping public education thrive. The Charter Fund is a social venture investment fund, founded in 2005 to significantly increase the capacity of proven education entrepreneurs to serve more children, and provide quality educational options to thousands of underserved families in diverse communities. “This investment allows us to further deliver on our commitment to help public education thrive by providing critical resources and tools to traditional public schools, charter schools, private schools and schools on a global basis,” according to Kevin Hall, CEO and President of The Charter School Growth Fund.

You can read more about our exciting news in our press release, and in this morning’s New York Times article. But we wanted to be the first to tell our excellent and most appreciative customers that we’re in a great position to make your — and our — wishes come true.

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