Why “Unfinished Learning” was a Math Problem Long Before the Pandemic – Watch On-Demand Video Now

Kids love DreamBox. And it helps them love math!

Even though educators appreciate DreamBox for so many reasons, the most important thing is whether kids like DreamBox—and will keep on using it. When you hear what kids have to say, you know there’s something really different about the DreamBox experience.


Kids say the most surprising things about DreamBox.

‘What’s the big deal?”

When kids get into DreamBox, they really ‘get it’ —they start to understand math concepts in a way they never have before. Plus, it’s lots of fun and feels like a game, and provides a sense of achievement that keeps them moving forward to meet the next challenge. When you watch the video you’ll see the sense of reward kids get, and how they get to apply what they learn in real life.

And although learners have fun playing, they realize there’s something ‘extra good’ about it. As one DreamBoxer says, ““Every time I play, I get a little smarter!”

If you haven’t already, try DreamBox lessons or take a guided test drive  at your school or at home today.

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