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Want K-5 kids to learn math faster? Think technology-based instruction.

In our ‘do-it-now’ culture, no one wants to lag in learning or any other area. There’s a huge need to speed and improve K-5 math education, with U.S. students tending to test below grade level and trail when measured against international same-aged peers. Technology can help quicken the pace through adaptive learning and personalizing instruction to the individual student.

Up to 80% faster. The U.S. Department of Education and recent studies by the National Training and Simulation Association show that technology-based instruction can reduce the time students take to reach a learning objective by an amazing 30 to 80 percent. The same innovation that is moving the culture forward can be leveraged to advance learning.

Adaptive learning and personalized instruction.  Adaptive learning systems are the wave of the future – and they are here now. These systems use student assessments to gather performance data and point students to course content that’s specifically targeted to help them build their knowledge and skills. With the right information about student individual strengths and weaknesses, that specific data can be used to create personalized pathways to build knowledge and greater skills, particularly in math. Of course, teachers are essential to providing personalized learning and technology is simply a tool to help them deliver it as efficiently as possible.

Funding the future.  In a recent white paper, The U.S. Department of Education notes that “Fiscal constraints will likely continue to impact education budgets in the years ahead, as funding levels for education may grow slowly even as the economy improves. Education technology can help the country work within those fiscal constraints without sacrificing our children’s education or job-readiness.”  In the business world, companies find ways to invest in technology and digital infrastructure that would better position them to achieve their goals. We need to make those same kinds of forward-thinking investments for our youngest citizens. There is funding available to move schools, districts and our future workers forward to a better future.

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