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Last Chance: Vote for DreamBox as Seattle’s Best Startup

Vote+For+DreamBox+Math+Learning+GamesVoting for Seattle’s Best Startup ends on April 28! That means you have only one day to cast your ballot for DreamBox Learning. Here are three reasons to vote for DreamBox.

A Vote For DreamBox Math Learning Games Is:

A vote for DreamBox is a vote for kids. We’re more than a business. We sincerely care about kids and math education. Our online math game doesn’t just entertain, it really teaches.  If DreamBox had only one goal, it would be to improve every child’s access to a great math education. Other startups strive to make money; we also strive to enrich minds.

A vote for DreamBox is a vote for change. To receive the award a company has to “…make a difference in the lives of the people involved…” No other company in the “Best Startup” category is as likely to make such a positive impact in the lives of children.

A vote for DreamBox is a vote for dreams. Anyone who has ever dreamed of starting a business should vote for DreamBox Learning. We’ve come along way! Even if we don’t win, it’s an honor to be nominated. We thank everyone who has been here from the very beginning. (And thank you Seattle for those drizzly days that kept us inside and working!)

Please vote for DreamBox as Seattle’s Best Startup in the Seattle 2.0 Awards, 2009. One final reason you should vote for DreamBox: we’re really looking forward to those award ceremony cocktails.

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